aJudge 3 is here

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Mar 262011

New Home Screen

New Home Screen

Just released aJudge 3 this morning. This release focuses on making the application more stable and easier to use. As you can see there is a totally new home screen that should simplify aJudge for first-time users.

I also added integration with the Android Gallery. You can select any image from your gallery and rate it then send the image to your friends.

Thanks to the bug reports over the past couple months. They have been very helpful in dealing with some of the memory issues in aJudge. I think I’ve fixed them. Please click the report button if you get any FCs.

Also fixed in this release were the icons and graphics (specifically the scorecard) on low resolution devices. I’ve tested these on a variety of devices and emulators now and aJudge should look a lot better.

A big complaint with the app before was that the swipe gesture was either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. The sensitivity is now adjustable in the preferences available via the menu.

aJudge 3 Rating

What’s Cookin v1.3 Released

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Dec 262010

What’s Cookin v1.3 contines with the trend of improving usability and of course bug fixes. Go hit up the Android market and get the latest version! List of changes are below:

  • Added About tab with live count of recipes available (if Internet access is available)
  • Ingredients are now remembered between sessions
  • Ingredients can be selected or de-selected for quick access to commonly used ingredients
  • Added ability to sort recipe search results by name or by rating
  • Fixed overlapping ads with content
  • Fixed size of ingredient field

aJudge v2.5.1 Released

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Dec 262010

Just updated aJudge on the Android market to v2.5.1. This release is primarily bug fixes to the integration with the photo gallery. It was having trouble sharing images that were rated. This is now fixed. I’ve got a few new features planned for v2.6. Stay tuned!

Android Screen Density

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Nov 122010

I spent a good part of last night and today learning about how Android handles different screen densities. The Android developers have a very good writeup on how to handle multiple screen resolutions.

The key takeaway is that there are three densities, low, medium, and high. Based on the current device your app is running on, drawables are loaded differently. The issue I was having was on low density screens where my drawables for the scorecard font in aJudge were being scaled much bigger than the native resolution of the image. It turns out, if your image is in just the drawables directory of your app, Android will scale it up or down to meet the density of the device. For me they were being scaled up. Once I figured this out, it was just a matter of using a matrix to do a RectToRect scale from the original image to relative coordinates of the scorecard image.

The bottom line is, if you’re doing any low level drawing with pixels, especially bitmaps, make sure you adjust your coordinates based on the screen density. And when you test, have multiple emulators with different screen densities to test it on.

aJudge v2.3 Released

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Nov 122010

This one was a quick turnaround. I received some bug reports from users that did not have SD Cards, during my testing I found some other issues and fixed those. From what I can tell these have been around since v2.0 just difficult to test for with all the different hardware out there. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Fixed forced close if SD Card is not available
  • Fixed setting camera parameters on phones without flashes
  • Fixed scorecard image having numbers out of alignment on some screens

aJudge v2.2 released

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Nov 102010

Just released v2.2 of aJudge for Android. This version is based on comments I received from users. The primary new feature adds a scorecard mode (the original mode for aJudge) where the camera is disabled and only shows the scorecard. Per the usual there were some bug fixes and I was able to clean up some of the display code making it easier to maintain. Let me know if there’s any features you would like!

Score Keeper v1.5 Released

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Oct 202010

Two days and another release. This one was hurried a bit as I got bug reports that it was resetting games after a period of time. Turns out Android handles the lifecycle of apps a little differently than I expected. I plan on writing a blog post later explaining my findings. But for now enjoy the update. Here’s what has changed:

  • Fixed game resets
  • Removed title bar
  • Added “move to SD” support for Froyo users
  • Added support for Android 1.6 (Donut) users
  • Players can now be renamed and deleted (long tap)

Score Keeper v1.4 Released

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Oct 182010

Just uploaded v1.4 of Score Keeper this evening. This update brings twenty new player images and some minor bug fixes.

I’ve already started on v1.5 and expect to have it ready during the week. This version will add support for Android v1.6 (Donut) devices and Move to SD for those of you with Android v2.2 (Froyo). Also included will be renaming and deleting of individual players.


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Oct 122010

Welcome to my development blog and homepage for everything related to my Android Apps.

I plan on publishing what I learn about Android development as time permits. I’m in the process of finishing up a masters degree so this may not happen as often as I like.

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